(An insight of The City School)

I often thought about Teachers overall growth in a private Educational system in Pakistan. My dream came true when I had the chance of observing the system at close quarters. An eye opener and a dream shattered.

My very first encounter with the Management put a bullet in  my head where I was told to treat the pupils as Clients and not as students. This led me to the analysis if students are the clients where are the teachers placed as. I soon got my answers.

The continuous insults of the teachers by the management in front of the students and the colleagues alike was ample to provide answers to my questions. But I needed more evidence.

My second encounter with the management was attending an unrealistic workshop where teachers were told to do multi-tasking and sleep was not an essential factor in performance. Rapid Eye Movement is sufficient and full sleep is not necessary. Unrealistic workshops on weekends after a hectic weekdays schedule which were non productive gave away the sanity if there was left any.

My third encounter with the management was regarding the weekly planner. Another futile exercise that took a lot of productive time of the teachers without giving much utility. It was like a noose with superficial beliefs and practices.

My fourth encounter with the management taught me that teachers are just a cog in the hands of the management whom they can twist as they want. The more innovative the teacher, the more threat she/he is to the existing management. In order to survive, they need to be in their good books or else the teachers will be sent to guillotine through the assessment forms.

My fifth encounter with the management taught me if the management feels threatened by a teacher; their killer forms in the name of assessments really kills the career of a dedicated teacher.

Lastly, parents who have children in the same school and are also teaching there, there is no special treatment for them. Any event of their children even if it is in the break time, they are not allowed to attend. This sorry state of affairs exists in more or less every private school.

My observations led me to the conclusion that no profession can exist in its true essence if there is no motivation for its employees. As  it is said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and such encounters can turn a great flight into a great plight.

The whole model of Private Educational systems is based on commercialism.Here money weighs more than Humanism.This mindset will only produce self centered business men/women having nothing to contribute back to the community or people at large.

Until  next time, Happy Reading folks.