Hello Folks!

Have you ever experienced the gaze of hungry eyes? I am sure you too must have felt very awkward and uncomfortable. Today, I will share with you an experience I had at NADRA headquarters in Islamabad.

A couple of months ago, I went there for some documentation regarding my National Identity Card. The woman at the reception dealt with me in a very professional way and answered my queries, unlike other females at the reception desk.

I could clearly analyze the professionalism of the woman who not only answered my queries but was dealing with all in the same professional way. I sat down on a chair nearby and started looking around the hall while waiting for my turn.

People entered the office and went to their desired stations. Off and on, the lady at the reception looked at me and did her work. It was a normal routine for me. People staring at me. But that day, I was not the center of attraction.

It was the woman at reception. People sitting beside me passed cheap comments on her and that caught her attention as a result of which she looked at me. I too was getting annoyed by their remarks and gazes for the woman. Soon their turn came and there was a sign of relief on the woman’s face.

Then there came some more visitors. I would say, a total nuisance. The moment they entered. They sat in front of the reception desk and started passing comments on the woman. They would say something in each other’s ear and laugh by looking at her.

Let alone how she felt, I felt uncomfortable too. That’s when I realized, no matter how sophisticated our society becomes unless they accept a person as part of the society, only then can that individual succeed.

No matter how professional a person may be in her line of work, this society will stigmatized her either in the name of a woman or a transgender.

We as a society, are in dire need to redefine policies and looking at people in a particular way. For this collective efforts are needed to include the transgenders in the main framework of our systems and think about them.

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading!