Having a flat stomach/tummy is not an easy task at hands; all the same it is not unattainable if one has the commitment and obsession to achieve one’s passion. Today, I am going to recommend you some secrets which I, used and achieved in  having a flat stomach and becoming more successful in life.

Firstly,every morning, drink one glass of  WATER on an empty stomach as it neutralizes the toxins in the body. This is the most useful tip in losing body weight fast and easy. If you are not used to drinking plain water, you can always add a teaspoon of honey with a freshly grated lime in it. There are so many other options that you can experiment with; such as herbs in your kitchen shelf. You will notice remarkable changes in your body within a couple of days.

Secondly, opting for different types of EXERCISES too play, an important role in having a flat stomach. The exercises need to be pinpointed, covering the specific area that needs to be toned. Exercises can be Aerobics, yoga or dance etc., From my personal experience, if exercises are done in a standing position, they help a lot. Similarly, high resistant training too, prevents us from losing muscle mass which is loss in case of dieting.

Thirdly, is the introduction of ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES in the diet. Both are nutritious filling and energy boosting. They prevent from gaining weight in the unnatural way. One should always be aware of the count of calories in case of fruits. A good search on calories count can help a lot in losing weight and having a flat stomach. Organic fruits and vegetables contain more vitamin C, more iron, more magnesium, more phosphorus, and more polyphenols. Our body was designed to eat a balanced diet free from preservatives. The consumption of foods rich in sugars and preservatives lead us away from having a flat stomach and successful future. And this takes us away from achieving our goal of losing body weight.

Fourthly, if we consume foods having FIBER in it, we are on the right track to have a flat stomach. Foods, rich in fiber prevents us from many stomach aches especially constipation. Almonds, avocado, spinach, carrots, tea, egg, peppers are some of the foods rich in fibers.

Fifthly, if we reduce STRESS from our lives, we will be more successful and have a flat stomach. For stress can lead us towards eating without hunger, gaining weight instead of losing it. Yoga, meditation and even chamomile tea are great agents for reducing stress.

Sixthly, to have a flat stomach, we need to be MINDFUL of what we eat. This practice will help us only eat what is healthy and not look at unhealthy eating. We are inclines to eat more in case of work load, distress, or even just laziness. Don’t give away years of hard work for laziness.

Seventhly, to have a flat stomach, we need to regularly use GREEN TEA. It has numerous health benefits such as it reduces weight, regulates blood circulation, reduces ageing, lowers cholesterol etc.,

Eighthly, a good eight hour SLEEP acts as a catalyst in weight loss. Although time may vary in different age groups. Still, the importance of a good night sleep cannot be undermined.

And lastly, observing of FAST too, works on the overall body especially the stomach. It removes the toxins from the body thus cleansing it and making the body healthy. And making us aware that detoxification of the body is necessary. There are also other ways to detoxify the body; such as drinking of mint leaves or coriander leaves. Also teas, infused with herbs work magic on the body.

In the end, I would like to say that the journey to a flat stomach should never come to an end. Every effort needs consistency and determination and should be on going. We become more successful in life when we adapt to attributes that make us successful in life.

Happy Reading.