As a child, I often used to wonder why are marriages spoiled? The most beautiful relationships coming to end in the spur of a second. What can be the reason for breaking a beautiful sleep?

I have got my answer. There can be 101 reasons for a breakup in a marriage or even a relationship. But what I am going to tell you today will be something, no one ever told you. A catalyst. So let us start.

We often talk about parents bonding and vice versa but anything in excess has its side effects. In marriages, every day is a battlefield where either the husband or the wife plays the role of a warrior to save the family from forces that want to harm them.

But then, there are days when this battle is lost and the forces at work win. This all seems like a fairy tale, but real life is no less than these tales; only the characters are human beings facing real-life threats and scams and negativity.

In most marriages, either person/partner needs to be of sound/balance mind lest you want a break-up. Anyways, being a woman and a wife, most of us know where to hit the nail.

If the nail is not hit on the head, then the consequences can be great. The same is the case of a break-up in Marriages. Husbands are born to bear a lot of pain obviously not childbirth which is not their realm but theoretically speaking loss of a loved one and other craps.

One thing a husband can never bear is anything said against his parents or maybe siblings. You want to bring out the monster in him, take a shot and then you will know what I mean.

It is not that they don’t know about the ills done by their family; it’s the acknowledgment that they fail to recognize. We train our children right from the beginning to accept their mistakes and own them but why do we not teach them to question their parents when they are wrong.

I know the rights and duties of parents but why are we failing in this regard. When the survival of marriage becomes difficult, why is a woman always told to have patience and bear all the shit of the inlaws and husbands? And why is she reminded of her duty towards all?

Why is not the husband told all this and why don’t the inlaws stop meddling with the affairs of the couple and put their noses where it is needed?

Not all in-laws or parents have the stamina to share their sons with an outsider(wife). No matter how devoted she might be, there will always be a reason to corner her and have what one seeks.

It’s a sorry state of affairs but this is a common practice in 90 percent of cases in Asian marriages and there is no single law to put the in-laws in their places and not to meddle with couple personal matters.

When training and grooming our children, we need to teach them justice and to keep all at par without infringing anyone’s rights.

In the end, I would say that unless and, until there is a balanced in training and laws enforced to keep people in their places, then would marriages survive. Think about it.…ose-and-personal/

Until next time, stay safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading!