Hello Folks!


Most of you will be wondering what to do this year? Well today, I will share with you a few ideas to get you started. So, let’s start.


Firstly, make a list of what you want to do this year and start cutting them down one by one. Give the list a proper time allocation and go about them.


Secondly, be creative this year. You can start with anything; be it crafting, gardening, photography, painting, etc.,


Thirdly, start learning a new skill. It’s never too late to learn something new. One improves upon oneself with each passing day. Learn the skills that are in and will help you increase your productivity.


Fourthly, become transparent so that people start seeing you as you and not as an embodiment they imagine to be. Be more open and straightforward.


Fifthly, pray to God that this year turns out as you are aiming it to be. Still, be grateful for what you have and have achieved.


Sixthly, don’t forget to rejoice in the small moments in one’s life as these are the things that will give you a good future.


Seventhly, make new friends and professional colleagues. All the same, don’t forget the old ones and keep in touch with them too. Have a one-dish party or some hangouts following the SOP.


Eighth, while pursuing all these don’t forget yourself. Look after yourself too. If you won’t have health, you won’t be able to make a difference in the lives you care so much about.


And lastly, those who are downtrodden, take them with you. They won’t ask you due to their shyness. You have to take the cue and bring them into the mainstream. Think about it.


Until next time stay safe and healthy.


Happy Reading!