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We all know that Fasting in the month of Ramadan has a multitude of benefits regarding physical, spiritual, and mental benefits. Without undermining the benefits, I will lay my focus on the effect Fasting¬†has on a working individual. So let’s start.

The first effect Fasting has on a working individual is the impossibility to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Still, people manage without complaining as it is God who will reward them for this virtue.

Secondly, while Fasting, it is very difficult to write about anything. It is like all ideas are in the state of fasting. It took me nearly 2 hours to get here at this point.

The third effect that Fasting has on an individual is that after a certain time of the day, the mind fails to even think about what one wants to say. That is the time when one only reverts to solitude and thinks about what is expected from him as a believer.

Fifthly, the effects may vary from person to person depending on the number of responsibilities a person has to perform. Some may experience nothing at all but most may.

Sixth, Fasting takes us to greater levels of self-exploration and to understand the whole concept of Fast. People may interpret fast according to their culture and religion but there is a need of going beyond basic interpretations and understand the manifold benefits.

And Lastly, one needs to go through these effects only to be more grateful to what God Almighty has given us in terms of blessings. As an individual, I will thank Almighty for allowing me to observe fast and observe myself and let others know the effects it has on a working, responsible individual.

There is nothing wrong with accepting what you cannot do while fasting. Focus on what you can do and make the best of that time. That is the true essence of fasting. Think about it.

Until next time stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!

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