Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered, what Porn can do to the mind, body and soul?

Not to mention the overall impact it has on jeopardizing the relationship between a husband and wife.

Today, I aim to delve into the effects of Pornography and how it jeopardizes relationships between husband and wife. So let’s start.

Before starting, we need to know what is Pornography?

Well, Pornography encompasses of the material that is predominantly sexually explicit and intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal.

The first effect of Pornography on the relationship is that it leads to anti social behaviour towards the partners,women in general and even rape victims.

Male viewers tend to be more agressive towards women particularly their partners and less responsive to the pain and suffering their partners might face.

The second effect of pornography on the relationship is that it induces violence.Relationship between partners is very pure, based on mutual consent.

There is no room for violence in such relationships.The ultimate motive should be pleasure rather than pain.

The third effect of pornography on the relationship is that it diminishes a person’s sexual happiness.

Such males have an inclination of diminished satisfaction with their sexual partners physical appearance,affection,curiousity and sexual performance.

They are more inclined towards sex without emotional involvement.

The fourth effect of pornography on the relationship is the lost of interest in actual sex. The males may lose interest in the advances of their partner.

This makes them seem distant or even uninterested when you try to engage with them sexually. You may even need to use more strategies to arouse them before they can perform.

The fifth effect of pornography on relationships is that it makes the male more demanding.

They can be easily be frustrated and alienate their partners due to their unrealistic ideals about sex.

This can lead to emotional and physical distress of the partner making them uncomfortable altogether.

The sixth effect of pornography on relationships lead to lack of communication and time.When all the time is being allocated towards one cause,there is no room left for communication with the partner.

And we all know,where this is going to lead the marriage.

And Lastly, the effect of pornography on the relationship leads towards oral sex,group sex,anal sex, and sado-masochism.

In the end,I would like to say that God created both men and women in His image as sexual beings.Due to the sins in the world,sex has been misused and abused.

Pornography not only attacks the dignity of men and women but also distorts the gift of sex which should be practised only within the bound of marriage.(This may vary in different cultures).

The Holy scriptures maintain a basic modesty towards women and men sexual organs and condemns the practices that result from pornography such as sexual exposure,adultery,bestiality,homo sexuality,incest and prostitution.

Pornography is an addiction that ruins not only the life of one individual but also the people associated with that individual.As soon as someone close to you starts showing signs of pornography,seek them help at the earliest before they can ruin their and others life.

Think about it.

Until next time,stay safe and healthy.