Hello Folks!

It’s been a while since I have been thinking to write on this topic. With the incidents going on in a couple of weeks, I suppose this is the best time to address this issue.

Today, I aim to talk about Frustrations. What might be the causes and what is it doing to people in general. So let’s start.

With the backdrop of COVID-19, most of us are stuck in our homes deliberately. Now many of us have catered for it by involving ourselves in productive activities.

Still, here are a handful of people who are very unproductive during such times. Such as children, adolescents,labour class, unemployed adults, any college, university students etc.,

The whole point of mentioning these here is that they are not utilizing their energies for productivity rather they have engaged themselves in futile activities that are leading to frustration.

Consider a typical family of 4-6 members. Leaving earning members of the family, those at home are either on some gadgets or watching something all day long.

They are the ones who need to be monitored most as parents/guardians/livelihood earners being out of the house have no idea about what is going on at the back of their(people at home) minds.

In order to know, what is going on please friends whether you are parents, couples, colleagues, best buddies, siblings, talk things out with each other before its too late.

There are many manifestations of being frustrated. Like not having someone to talk to regarding how you feel about certain things. Growing up teens and youth need someone to talk to. The best people for the purpose are the ones you are close too.

You cannot randomly just pick up someone on the social platform and start talking to him/her. Everyone has his/her sensitive points. Why bother people with what they know not of.

Also, they might not be comfortable in addressing your questions.Talking to someone you consider a friend is good but even that friend might have limitations regarding the disposition of specific knowledge.

So, dear friends, it is always better to seek professional advice if you are in desperate need. Sometimes taking the easy option out might cost you a great deal of pain before you revert to the right way.

I can advise you and suggest these things because I have learnt these over the years through experience and it is the essence of my life, I want you to have and make good use of it.

After all, I too am human and can err but the best of us is the one who learns from others mistakes rather than making new ones.

For the adults and youth who think and feel as they are stranded in this scenario, don’t lose hope.There is always the best to come. So be grateful for what you have and have gratitude for even the minutest.

And for those who are on the social platform 24/7, please breathe and let others breathe too.Someone trying to address your issues, encourage them rather than being pain in the ass for them.

They are trying to provide you a bright future, a life you can be grateful for, for the years to come. Respect them and consider them your guardian angels.

Don’t throw things at them just because they write openly. They place themselves in your shoes and respond accordingly.

Don’t show your frustrations to them. They are only trying to help you out through this community service of being there. Think about it. Unitl next time, stay Safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading.